“We buy, sell, install and transplant large trees and shrubs.”

A list of our popular services and the equipment commonly used when installing and transplanting.

▪ 90-inch Big John truck-mounted tree spade

▪ 42-inch bobcat-mounted tree spade

▪ 36-inch bobcat-mounted tree spade

▪ 36-inch, 48-inch and 60-inch scoops for shallow-rooted plants.

▪ Large trees and shrubs: bought, sold, installed, and transplanted.

▪ Transplanting trees across New England

▪ Privacy screening with large evergreens

▪ Hand digging and drum lacing for large plants

▪ Wetland and conservation plantings

▪ Native trees and shrubs sold

▪ We offer basket and burlap service for all of our tree spades

▪ Salvaging trees and shrubs from intended construction and remodeling with the ability to store plans at our farm and replant when construction is finished

▪ Supplying large trees and shrubs to landscape architects and landscape companies.

▪ Move a tree 10 feet or 100 miles.

▪ Tree and shrub transplanting (all sizes)

▪ Specimen and shade trees sold and installed

▪ Screen out a neighbor, install a mature specimen or shade tree, or transplant your plants in your landscape today!


Mature Tree-Farm Services:

Specimen and shade trees sold and installed

▪Large Kousa Dogwoods

▪Katsura trees to 24 feet

▪Hinoki Cypresses

▪Umbrella Pines


▪Weeping Beeches to 8-inch caliper

▪Weeping Katsuras to 8-inch caliper

▪Littleleaf Lindens to 9-inch caliper

▪Sugar Maples to 9-inch caliper

▪Red and Green Japanese Maples to 10-inch caliper

▪Mature Rhododendrons from 5 to 20 feet tall

▪Mimosa trees, and many more!

Evergreens for privacy screening and specimen trees

▪Eastern Red Cedars from 6 to 28 feet tall

▪Japanese Black Pines to 20 feet tall

▪Austrian Pines

▪White Pines

▪Fraser and Balsam Firs from 12 to 30 feet tall

▪Blue Spruce

▪Norway Spruce

▪White Spruce

▪Arborvitae from 10 to 30 feet

▪Eastern Hemlocks to 22 feet.

Native trees and shrubs sold and installed

▪We can replace any size tree or shrub for conservation jobs

▪Eastern Red Cedars from 6 to 28 feet also available in conservation grades

▪Native White Pines and Pitch Pines to 24 feet

▪Large Viburnum and Bayberry clumps

▪Red and White Oaks to 7-inch caliper

▪Red Maples to 8-inch caliper

 We have a large tree farm with plenty of room to store your trees and shrubs during construction projects or while you move.

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